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Passage to the East I: The English Anarchy

Further Event Details

As guests arrive at Troll, they will be asked if they wish to declare for Stephen or for Maud and be given a token to show their allegiance.

Saturday will open with a morning Court (10:00 am), at which the Historical Figures will be introduced. King Stephen and His Queen, Matilda; the Empress Maud and Robert, Earl of Gloucester will represent the opposing sides for the day.

Guests are invited to change their allegiance throughout the day. Although successfully changing allegiance many times may be considered an accomplishment, the Empress and the Queen will look with more favor upon those presenting a convincing tale for their change of heart! A prize will be given to the "best turncoat" at the final Court of the day.

The Conflict

Sir Ælfred of Cres has designed a series of castle sieges and field objectives to represent the battles for control of key English strongholds during Stephen's reign. Heavy weapons and combat archery are planned for these scenarios. The fighters (heavy and archer) will be divided into teams led by Knights who will fight for the two claimants to England's crown. Fighters "killed" in battle will resurrect and rejoin their forces. Knights will be considered captured if they and their unit are killed. Knights so captured will be escorted by a herald to the opposing side's castle. The Knight may await rescue (the castle is captured), await ransom (via negotiation between the Empress and the Queen), or may change his/her allegiance!

Armor inspection and authorizations are at 9:00 - 10:00 am Saturday morning.

The Arts

As Lord Woolsey derives his name from his trade and is being sent to the far reaches of the Known World, it is meet that two of the Arts & Science competitions will be in the wool-based arts and the medieval traveler's kit. The closer to the 12th century that you can document your work, the better!

The Empress Maud's husband, Geoffrey Plantagenet, appears to have been presented the first recorded heraldry by his father-in-law, Henry I. In honor of this, a prize will be awarded to the best heraldic display.

To encourage and inspire others, we welcome practical demonstrations of various arts. Display of finished work or even works in progress is heartily encouraged.

Arts & Science competitions and display will be held in the Feast Hall. Heraldry must be displayed near the main areas of the event (the Feast Hall, the tourney field) in order to be considered for judging.

Children's Activities

Children's Activites will be led by the incomparable Lady Glee. Children's Activities are NOT a baby-sitting service. When the Children's Activities end, parents are responsible for collecting their children.