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Cadfael Video Schedule

Canton of Falcon Cree

To help us get acquainted with the time of the English civil war between King Stephen and Empress Maud, we will be watching Brother Cadfael videos at the home of Eldred and Ealdthryth (864-836-5065)

Watch on Title Set in
September 27A Morbid Taste for BonesMay 1137
October 11One Corpse Too ManyAugust 1138
October 25Monk's HoodDecember 1138
November 8Saint Peter's FairJuly 1139
November 22The Leper of Saint GilesOctober 1139
December 13The Virgin in the IceNovember 1139
December 27The Sanctuary SparrowSpring 1140
January 10The Devil's NoviceSeptember 1140
January 24The Pilgrim of HateJune 1141
February 14The Raven in the ForegateDecember 1141
February 28The Rose RentMay 1142
March 14The Potter's FieldAugust 1143
March 28The Holy ThiefAugust 1144

Last revised 6 September 1998 by Ealdthryth