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Prominent Figures during the English Anarchy

Stephen of Blois, Duke of  Normandy, King of England (1135-1141, 1142-1154), 1096-1154
Matilda of Boulogne, Queen of England, -1152
Eustace, son of Stephen and Matilda, -1153
Matilda the Empress, also called Maud, Lady of England (1141), 1103-1167
Geoffrey IV Plantagenet, also called the Fair, Duke of Normandy
Henry Curmantle, son of Matilda
Robert de Mellent de Caen, Earl of Gloucester, -1147
David, King of Scotland (1124-), -1153
William Corbeil, Archbishop of  Canterbury
Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester
Pope Innocent II
Pope Celestine II (pro-Angevin)
Pope Lucius II (pro-Stephen)
Pope Eugenius III (pro-Angevin)
Robert of Bampton
Baldwin of Redvers
Miles of Beauchamp
Geoffrey Talbot
Thurstan, Archbishop of York
Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury
Roger, Bishop of Salisbury
Alexander, Bishop of London
Roger, Chancellor
Robert fitz Hubert
Miles of Gloucester, -1144
Louis VII, King of France
Nigel, Bishop of Ely
Reginald of Dunstanville
John fitz Gilbert
Ranulf, Earl of Chester
William of Rournare
William Martel, king's steward and castellan
William of Pont de l'Arche
Geoffrey de Mandeville
Hugh Bigod
Robert, Bishop of Hereford
Turgis of Avranches
Philip (son of Earl Robert)
Henry Murdac, Archbishop of York
Hugh de Puiset
Robert, Bishop of London
Hilary, Bishop of Cichester
William, Bishop of Norwich
Roger, Earl of Hereford
Robert, Earl of Leicester

People who figured in the events preceding Stephen's reign:

Henry I, Beauclerc, Duke of Normandy, King of England (1100-1135), 1068-1135
Matilda (Edith) of Scotland, Queen of England, 1079-1118
William of AEthelthing, Duke of Normandy, 1103-11200
Adela, Countess of Blois, 1067-1137
Stephen Henry de Blois, Count of Blois