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Religion: Saints

Welsh Saints

Lived during the English Anarchy
William of Norwich
William of York see also

English saints who lived prior to mid-twelfth century
St. Acca
St. Alban
St. Alfred the Great (Ælfred)
St. Anselm
St. Augustine of Canterbury
St. Bede The Venerable
St. Boniface
St. Ceadda (Chad)
St. Cuthbert
St. Dunstan
St. Edmund the Martyr
St. Edward the Confessor
St. Edward the Martyr
St. Edwin (Æduini) see also
St. Egbert see also
St. Ethelbert, King of the East Angles
St. Ethelbert, King of Kent
St. Etheldreda (Audrey)
St. Frideswide (Frideswida, Fredeswida, Frevisse, Fris, Friday)
St. George
St. Guthlac
St. Helena
St. Hilda
St. Justus
St. Lawrence
St. Mellitus
St. Oswin
St. Paulinus
St. Swithin (Swithun)
St. Walburga (Bugga, Gauburge, Vaubourg, Ubourg, Falbourg, Walpurga, Walpurgis, Waltpurde, Walpurgis)
Sts. Willibald and Winnebald (Wunibald, Wynnebald)
St. Willehad
St. Wilfrid
St. Willibrord
St. Wolstan

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