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Passage to the East I: The English Anarchy

April 9-11, 1999   Canton of Falcon Cree

Henry I has died from a surfeit of lampreys, and Empress Maud has come to England to claim the throne that her cousin, Stephen of Blois, has claimed for his own! The Earl of Gloucester supports his half-sister Maud, and has defied King Stephen! Come join either the forces of Stephen or those of Maud and Gloucester to determine which of the Conqueror's grandchildren shall rule the England of 1135-1154.

Join us for a day in the England of the mid-twelfth century. The Canton of Falcon Cree presents an event centered on the Anarchy of King Stephen's troubled reign. When you arrive at the site, you must declare your support for either Stephen or Maud. Throughout the day there will be ample opportunity to court favor with either (or both) potential monarchs. Sir Ælfred of Cres has designed a series of castle and town sieges to represent the battles for control of key English strongholds of the 12th century. People may change sides throughout the day. Can you provide a convincing argument to garner the patronage of Stephen or Maud? A prize will be awarded to the "best turncoat".

A&S: Competitions in 1) Wool-based arts, 2) the medieval travellers' kit, 3) best heraldic display. In addition, we encourage people to bring 12th century crafts and demonstrate their making. Bring out and wear your best early 12th century garb for the occasion!

This event is the first in the Passage to the East series of events. For information, please contact, or see our web pages at:

Site Info: Site opens at 5:00 pm, Friday April 9, and will close at Noon, Sunday, April 11. Absolutely NO PETS! Discretely wet. Armor Inspection and authorizations are at 9am. Royal Court begins at 10am.

Costs: On-site/On-board $13; Off-site/On-board: $11; On-site/Off-board: $7; Daytrip: $5. Children under 12 are 1/2 price, and babes in arms are free. Send check or money order payable to Canton of Falcon Cree/SCA, Inc. Remember, the only reservation is a paid reservation! If you plan to be on-site, please request your cabin space when you make your reservation. You may request a cabin in Lincoln, Oxford, or Shrewsbury.

Autocrat & Reservations: THL Eldred Ælfwald (J.T. Thorpe) & Lady Ealdthryth of Humberstone (Christine Grewcock) P.O. Box 26314, Greenville, SC 29616 (864) 836-5065 (NLT 10pm) autocrat's email: reservations: If you would like a confirmation of your reservation, send a SASE or your email address.

Feast: Baron Corwyn Wodewarde (Bill Hudson) is planning a close-to-period feast based on documented recipes. A menu will be posted on-site in the feast hall and at troll. FEAST SPACE IS LIMITED TO 100!

Directions: Take your best route to I-85 just north of the SC/NC state line. Take exit 2 (Kings Mtn. Military Park). Go south on 216 through Kings Mountain National Park. Follow the signs to the organized camps (entrance is next to the Natural History Farm) and Camp York.

Last revised on February 23, 1999 by Ealdthryth